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Доброго вам дня! Начинаю свою следующий гров ! Для получения быстро результата выбор пал на автоцветы, правда после того, как замочил семки, обраружил что одна  растиха фотопериодичная ... Ну что ж, буду что-то придумывать  [notice]

Описание сортов :

Amnesia Auto World of Seeds

Our most sativa auto with respect to growth, appearance and taste. Although the flowering cycle is slightly longer than more indica autos, it won’t get too tall with adequate lighting and 7 litre pots or bigger. Great yields.

Strain: Automatic hybrid Low Ryder #2 x Amnesia
Sex: Feminized
Genetics: Mainly sativa
Effect: Psychoactive at the start, relaxing at the end
Height: 80 - 120 cm
Harvest: 80/90 days
Production: 450-500 gr m2 indoor/ 60/80 g/plant outdoor
Taste: incense
THC: 19%


Northern Light Blue AUTO is the result of crossing a Northern Light auto and a Blueberry auto.

Being a 3rd generation strain (a cross between 2 strains with autoflowering genes) makes this a highly evolved plant. This is mainly evident in its vegetative stage during which it develops much more vigorously and in the flowering stage, which is more abundant and better quality.

The high growth potential of this generation of automatics can be appreciated throughout the life cycle. A medium-sized plant that can easily reach 70cm, it often grows up to a metre, and even more. It produces one large central bud and many other lateral ones.

In northern latitudes it is a very attractive option for a summer crop while, in Mediterranean climes, two or three crops per season are very frequent. It has a subtle aroma of forest fruits (such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) with spicy notes.

The taste is also very fruity with delicate earthy back notes. The effect of this strain is highly medicinal, ideal for alleviating chronic pain. A very pleasant sensation of well-being with moderate cerebral stimulation as well as a sedative effect ideal for long sessions of meditation and relax.
THC   18%

Flash Babylon Auto

We believe this to be the most potent and one of the most productive automatic strains. Obtained by crossing Low Ryder genes with one of our best Northern Light mothers, it will grow for approximately 14 days after which it will enter a fast flowering cycle. Extremely strong, compact and resinous plant with an intense aroma of yeast and cheese, it retains the organoleptic qualities of the best Northern Light and will be ready 65 days after germination. Grown indoors with a 20/4 photoperiod and in a big enough plant pot, yields per plant can reach 40g, rising to 75g if grown outdoors.

2º premio automáticas Copa Cannabal 2014 (Canarias)
THC   18%

El Alquimista

Of medium height and producing good yields quickly, this is our easiest plant to grow. It is the result of crossing AK47, one of the quickest flowering Sativas, with our excellent Northern Light, one of the three fundamental strains that have changed the world of cannabis culture over the last three decades. This variety produces large foxtail buds with a very strong and slightly sugary aroma that means it won’t go unnoticed. A firm favourite among Samsara lovers for being so easy to grow, which is partly down to its Afghan genes which make it highly resistant to pests and mould, but also for its very strong, long-lasting and extremely pleasant effects.

Genotype   30% sativa 70% indica
Spannabis 2013

3º RESINAS – COPA ACBB (Torrelavega) 2015

THC   21%

4.02 замочил семки

Друзья, если у вас интерес к репорту , оставьте свой голос !!!
При отсутствии интереса , увольте, не буду тратить свое время.

Ну что за вопрос?! Конечно у всех есть интерес к твоему репорту. Особенно когда запасы начинают стремительно скуриваться, и все с жадностью следят за репортами. Тенденции примерно такая: начало лето - все стараются посадить и вырастить аутдор, сентябрь все курят урожай, октябрь, ноябрь, декабрь - выращивание индор - январь все курят урожай, февраль, март, апрель - индор, май курим, и хоп опять начало лета! Так что скоро читатели подтянуться.

Очень интересно, продолжай репорт. Буду учиться на твоём опыте [thup]


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